Philip K Edwards - Point of View

The Shade Place
                    A MYSTERY

        After an early retirement, Evans buys acreage in rural Pennsylvania and, against the advice of others, restores the dilapidated farmhouse. As he digs into the history of this old farm he encounters a cast of colorful characters and uncovers some surprising relationships. Along the way he helps re-unite two old friends as the three of them work together to solve an old mystery.

    Evans appears in several of my short stories. Try Confirmed Must Ride, A Family Matter, or The Mailbox Mystery.
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In Your ShoesCool

         The Leper Colony

the Colony's beginnings: 

An excerpt fromThe Leper Colony was Yankee cavalry, out sweeping for stragglers.
The seven of them ran along the lane at first, but the horses were coming up fast. They cut  through the eerily rail-less fence, into the muddy field and back toward the creek. They spread out as they ran, Andrew and the white men heading straight for the creek, but Willis and Bo angling north toward the ruined bridge. The two horsemen kept close to the road and out of the deep mud until they were opposite the black men, then both lunged into the field, more carefully, but still fast, and soon were abreast of the men. Bo tried to cut behind one of the riders, but the horse twisted around and Bo ran right into its flanks.  He turned and started back up the field, but the rider had raised a sword and now brought it down, cutting into the man’s shoulder. Bo raised an arm against another attack, but when it came the sword struck him squarely in the side of the neck and Bo went down.
Willis was successfully evading the second rider by twists and turns, and had lured him into deep mud by side-stepping the charge. As the mare splashed into the mud hole she was having trouble keeping her balance; then her rider tried to prod her into too sharp a turn, and she went down, taking the soldier with her. Willis saw over the downed animal that the others had made it to the creek and had begun to cross. He started south again, around the mud hole, but had just got clear of it when the other horseman rode up on his left. Willis turned again toward the mud hole, but it was too late. The horseman stopped, steadied his horse, and shot Willis in the lower back.

                      The Kids
                                                 A NOVEL

     Two sixteen-year-olds are hitchhiking in front of a rural Ohio farm when Marge spots them from the kitchen window. Frank and Marge have retired from their first careers and are happy raising cattle in a leisurely manner. Their grown and well-adjusted children live just far enough away and that suits them fine. Marge wants to help the kids. Frank doesn't want to get involved, but inevitably he is drawn into their story. Eventually he must revisit his past and confront a harsh reality.

an excerpt:
     She hadn’t purchased anything since the day before. Maybe two twenties had stuck together? Maybe she’d dropped one putting her change in the purse? Over lunch she asked Frank if, as sometimes happened, he’s taken the twenty to pay someone at the door. He hadn’t, there had been no one, adding. “Maybe you spent it on something you’ve forgotten about.”
     That annoyed her. If there were two people in the world the least likely to forget a purchase it was herself and Frank. Herself first.
    “She took it.”